Short report about the judging of the CAC Club Show for Borzois in CH – Kleindöttingen

Marina Egorova, Barsoi-Richterin aus Russland, hat dieses Jahr an der Club Show gerichtet und dazu diesen Bericht geschrieben (in Englisch): 

This year I had the privilege to judge the Club show of the Swiss Borzoi Club in Kleindöttingen on the 30th of September. I judged 7 males and 21 females. Such a small amount of dogs cannot allow me to evaluate Swiss borzoi population in whole but I have to note the high average pedigree level of dogs as well as a number of bright, promising individuals. High level of dogs is confirmed by the results of the show: 20 dogs got “excellent” and 6 – “very good”.

Exhibited dogs presented different types of Borzois, which points out to the quite diverse nature of dogs in different Swiss Borzoi nurseries. The females’ quality was better than those of the males, as usual. However, I saw only seven males and hope that the best males I did not see. For my opinion, the main advantages of males were a correct body and excellent angulations. The most faults to pay attention at the breeding are round bones, short format, too much-sloped croup and heavy heads. The most of bitches had excellent, dry, elegant heads, well-balanced body with excellent top line and fine angulations. I can wish only to preserve in offspring such high pedigree level. Among faults in bitches, I would note short and/or too much-sloped croups.    

As the best male, I choose a male of the junior class since this dog had the best, well-balanced body and excellent show condition. The female of the Veteran class was my favourite since she was harmonic in everything. Dry, strong bone; excellent, dry, elegant head with fine proportions; good eyes; small ears; long, dry, narrow neck; well-balanced body; excellent angulations and fine movements made her the best female and also the BOB.

 The dogs I judged in Kleindöttingen was very similar to the Russian Borzoi population. I would only note that there are almost no Borzois in Russia with round bones.

I wish you success in Borzoi selection and a lot of positive from your pets. I enjoy your dogs. Thank you very much for the invitation.

 Marina Egorova